What lipstick colour suits you?

With so many colour choices out there, it might be baffling for a lipstick lover to find the colour that will complement her in every way.

lipstick quiz

Take our quick quiz to determine what lipstick colour suits you best. Also consider our tips for when you want to buy a great lipstick:

  1. Find your skin’s undertone

    Do you have cool- or warm-toned skin? Not sure? Consider this: is your skin more yellow than pink? Are the visible veins in your arms more green than blue? This means that you have a warmer skin tone. When your skin has blue or pink undertones and the veins below your skin show up blue, this means you have a cool-toned skin.

  2. Consider the natural colour of your lips

    If you want a nude, natural lipstick, it’s important to match it against your lips’ natural colour. If a nude shade is lighter than the colour of your lips, this can make you look pale and washed-out.

  3. Look at the formula

    No matter how beautiful the shade of lipstick looks on you, you will end up leaving it at the bottom of your makeup drawer if the formula doesn’t work for your lips. Do you tend to have extremely dry, chapped lips? Forget about a product with a very matt formula – this will only go flaky during the day. Do you prefer something to last all day long? A creamy, sheer formula will not be suited for your needs.

  4. Think about your personality and lifestyle

    The saying that there is a bold, red lipstick out there to suit everyone is certainly true, but if bold lipstick is not part of your personality or doesn’t fit into your daily life, there is no use choosing a colour that you will end up not wearing. If your day job requires a certain dress code, you will not wear a bright fuchsia shade daily. If you do prefer a hint of colour without going all out, choose a more sheer formula.

What Color Lipstick Suits Your Appearance?

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